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About Leigh Timmis

In 2010, Leigh left the UK to cycle around the world, on his unique and epic expedition of 44,000 miles over seven years, across 51 countries, and on a budget of only £5 per day. Pushing the limits of cycling and human endurance, he rode his bicycle – Dolly – in some of the most inhospitable places on Earth but also to some of the most magnificent.

Leigh survived the extremes of nature and humanity; taking on the frigid winter of Tibet, the desert tracks of Australia and South Pacific storms. He came face to face with a lion and sang to bears to hopefully prevent attack. Leigh was detained by armed Russian soldiers and drugged and robbed in Singapore, yet in stark contrast, was amazed by the generosity of those with almost nothing to share; always so poignant and humbling.

Leigh’s life changing experiences with the people of the world have instilled within him a deep belief in the goodness and strength of humanity. With a background in creative education facilitation, Leigh brings his experiences to life in motivational speaking. Leigh is an ambassador for the Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre and is still fundraising.

Leigh’s exciting and moving stories of survival, self-motivation and the kindness of strangers have been published in the international and national press (ABC Australia, BBC, Daily Telegraph), as well as him making appearances on BBC television and radio..

Leigh Timmis

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