Aiming For A World Record
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Aiming For A World Record

Aiming For A World Record

For 2018 I am raising the bar. Taking everything I learnt from cycling around the world and applying it to significantly breaking a Guinness World Record.

The record for The Fastest Cycle Across Europe covers a distance of 4000 miles (6500km) – twice the distance of the Tour de France – starting from the coast of Portugal and finishing in the Russian city of Ufa, traversing 7 countries, the Pyrenees, the foothills of the Alps and the Russian Steppe. The record currently stands at 29 days, 18 hours and 25 minutes. Fully supported by a team of professionals, our estimation is that we can push a huge leap in performance, breaking the 20 day barrier.

While building on my round the world experience, this challenge requires a radically different approach to my solo circumnavigation. The world record requires total focus on pushing my physical and mental boundaries on the bike, it is purely about ultra-endurance performance and science. In order to facilitate this, I have the backing a team of sports science experts.

In partnership with the University of Derby Human Performance Unit, a thorough training and testing schedule has been developed, focussed on delivering me to the start line on the 10th of September in peak physical and mental condition.

pushing my physical and mental boundaries on the bike, it is purely about ultra-endurance performance

The programme is based on an optimal training plan to improve performance, obtained by exercising at the appropriate levels, determined by testing and pinpointing specific intensity zones. This base data is used to prescribe training volumes and intensities, that will be used to deliver physical adaptation by experts in physiology, psychology and nutrition. This team will join me on the road, complimented by specialists in mechanics and logistics, to ensure the finish line is reached as quickly and safely as possible with all risks mitigated.

Attempting this record not only presents an opportunity for me push the limits of human endurance but to raise awareness of mental health issues close to my heart. Through the world record attempt, I will be raising awareness and much needed funds for MQ, the mental health charity, in the hope that others won’t find themselves suffering with depression alone, as I did as a young man.

I will be raising awareness and much needed funds for MQ, the mental health charity

This Guinness World Record attempt opens major sponsorship opportunities, therefore, we are looking for a small number of key partners who share a passion to push the boundaries of human achievement. In return we will ensure that these partners are promoted throughout the duration of the project including the preparation and build up, during and after the attempt. Our PR agency already has strategies and tactics in place to guarantee the best possible publicity for the Guinness World Record attempt. Contact details can be found on

For me, this is going to be a fascinating journey into the development of a game-changing project, understanding new depths of physical and psychological advancement, and I’ll be documenting it every step of the way! Follow me for exclusive, behind the scenes details of the adventure on my website and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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