Bike Build

Bike Build

Over the course of the World Record attempt, there is no piece of equipment that I will spend more time with or that can influence the outcome of this endeavour more than the bike. Richard Walters, owner of Prima Velo, explains his approach to building the bike that will deliver me to the finish line as quickly as possible.

the body accounts for approximately 90% of aerodynamic drag

In the pursuit of a World Record, focus is on performance. While comfort is paramount in keeping Leigh cycling for long durations every day, the performance sacrifices of endurance orientated bikes bring too many disadvantages. The best approach for the Fastest Cycle Across Europe is to take a fast, aerodynamic bike and make it more comfortable. Building on the Cervelo S range, we can make maximum efficiency gains from the market leading frameset, while modifying the position with the correct selection of components, to increase comfort.

Of the body and bike combination, the body accounts for approximately 90% of the aerodynamic drag, for this reason it will be essential to offer Leigh “tucked” positions to minimise his wind resistance. To accomplish this, we will be reducing length of the bike, by offering a smaller size frame than Leigh would normally ride and fitting aero bars.

Having achieved a lower, more aggressive position on the bike, reducing the crank arm length allows a more open hip angle, preventing hip impingement and inefficient pedalling. The addition of a crank-based power meter allows greater analysis and control for the team’s scientific approach and permits greater regulation of cycling energy.

Leigh needs to remain comfortable in order to maintain a high average speed

Upgrading to the Di2 electronic based gear shifting platform enables multiple hand positions with remote shifters. Removing the need to move to change gears allows Leigh to stay in his most efficient or comfortable position for longer. Electronic shifting also reduces the exertion required to shift gear, which can become difficult on long rides when suffering fatigue in the hands. For the same reason, we will be employing hydraulic disc brakes, which also offer increased modulation and superior braking power in all weather conditions.

Finding the most efficient and comfortable set up will be an ongoing process of Leigh riding the product, and us refining and changing components to suit him. Ultimately, we need to look after Leigh, he needs to remain comfortable in order to maintain a high average speed and to break the World Record.

Throughout the preparation and the attempt, I will be bringing you weekly behind the scenes videos and blogs, documenting what it takes to prepare for a world record.

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