Cycling To Success

Cycling To Success

On the 18th of October at the 3aaa stadium in Derby, it was my pleasure to deliver the keynote speech about delivering a world-class performance at a business event for Astute Recruitment. The presentation took 70 business owners and senior managers behind the scenes of my record-breaking fastest cycle across Europe, explaining how I completed the 4000-mile challenge in 16 days 10 hours 45 minutes; over eight days faster than the previous record!

“An amazing presentation this morning from @leightimmis ‘Don’t be limited by your goals’”

My talk outlined the importance of setting goals that don’t limit you and establishing an environment that nourishes growth before exploring the decisive factors that shaped our project. With the focus on mental health and team work, I highlighted the importance of a communication and management strategy to drive a team towards a shared goal, and what psychological interventions we implemented to ensure that I remained focussed and determined.

The audience left with anecdotes and tips about building mental resilience, creating a positive mindset and how I kept going through the most difficult challenges, that they could apply to their personal and business goals.

“An inspirational and engaging speaker and some great lessons learned”

The event received excellent feedback and a superb social media response with comments from across industries such as: “I had a fantastic morning yesterday hearing all about @leightimmis #worldrecordbreaking ride across Europe. An inspirational and engaging speaker and some great lessons learned” and “An amazing presentation this morning from @leightimmis ‘Don’t be limited by your goals’”.

Mary Maguire, managing director of Astute said: “It’s was a real honour to partner with Leigh for this event, he’s such an inspirational person and a great business speaker. The audience were really engaged with Leigh’s presentation, asking lots of questions and leaving great feedback about how much they enjoyed the event.

“The aim of the breakfast session was for delegates to leave in a positive, can do frame of mind, feeling confident that they can use some of Leigh’s tips to bolster team spirit, harness potential and exceed expectations. This is something I’m confident the event achieved.”

The event helped Astute Recruitment to become Marketing Derby’s Star Bondholder of the Week.

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