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Record Broken! Fastest crossing of Europe by bicycle!

16 days 10 hours 45 minutes!










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3,956 miles


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On the 26th of September 2018, Leigh cycled in to the record books, becoming the fastest person to cycle across Europe in a time of 16 days 10 hours and 45 minutes. Cycling 14 hours per day, from the west coast of Portugal to the edge of Siberia, he broke the previous world record by an astonishing eight days and seven hours.


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At the age of 25 I was diagnosed with depression. I found my salvation in adventure and went on to cycle around the world. Attempting this record presents an opportunity for me to raise awareness of mental health issues in the hope that others won’t end up in the same situation as I did.

Preparation Blogs

Cyclist Leigh Timmis has smashed the Guinness World record for the fastest cycle across Europe by an astonishing eight days....

Struggling with depression, a chance adventure led to the realisation that to feel fulfilled I needed to challenge myself, to try something I’d never done. To push myself to new limits...

On the 10th of September, Leigh Timmis will leave Cabo Da Roca, Portugal, on his modified Cervelo S3d bicycle at the start of an epic 4000-mile challenge across the continent to Ufa, Russia...

Training at the University of Derby’s Human Performance Unit has exceeded expectations and I am in better physical condition than expected at this stage of the plan, testing data points towards achieving an incredible result...

In the pursuit of a World Record, focus is on performance. Over the course of the World Record attempt, there is no piece of equipment that can influence the outcome of this endeavour more than the bike...

The body is a machine and without regular TLC and maintenance, the working parts will start to fatigue and break down. Ruth Machej, the team Physiotherapist, explains the importance of physiotherapy in sport...

Extended periods in the saddle mean the choice and fit of bike for the world record must be correct. Cycling biomechanics expert, Andy Brooke, takes me through a professional bike fit...

This week I share my personal journey that led from depression to cycling around the world, the lessons learned on that journey, and how that experience applies to breaking a world record....

Dr Philip Clarke, Performance Psychologist on the Fastest Cycle Across Europe team, explains psychology for multi-day endurance events. This begins with a measurement of my current capacity and self-awareness...

The Fastest Cycle Across Europe (Cabo da Roca to Ufa) was established by Guinness World Records in 2014 and is a distance of 4000 miles from the most westerly to the most easterly extent of Europe...

While logistical and strategic planning for the World Record began three months previously, the start of 2018 brings the beginning of physical training. With 22 weeks to the start line, Dr. Mark Faghy explains the science behind the attempt...

For 2018 I am raising the bar. Taking everything I learnt from cycling around the world and applying it to significantly breaking the Guinness World Record for the Fastest Cycle Across Europe...

The Team

An accompanying support team will allow Leigh to focus on cycling, whilst ensuring that equipment and knowledge are at hand for any eventuality. A team of sport science experts has been selected to bring professional experience to the attempt.


Dr. Mark Faghy

Performance Manager

Dr Philip Clarke

Performance Psychologist
Nicky Gilbert

Nicky Gilbert

HCPC Registered Dietitian

Ruth Machej

Sports Physiotherapist

Road Team

Anthony Jemmett

Anthony Jemmett

Road Operations
Jahna Drunis

Jahna Drunis

Physio and Nutritionist
Kerr McNicoll

Kerr McNicoll

Media Production


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