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World Record Update

World Record Update

Training at the University of Derby’s Human Performance Unit has exceeded expectations and I am in better physical condition than expected at this stage of the plan. The testing data points towards achieving an incredible World Record result.

However, project fund raising has proven challenging and at the point of deciding whether to go for the attempt on the 11th of June, the project was 30% short of funding. As a result of this the decision has been made to change the start date to the 10th of September, allowing extra time to raise the shortfall in funding and putting the team in an even stronger position to make the attempt.

Many thanks for the generosity and continued support of corporate sponsors from the Derby business community and private sponsors through the crowdfunding campaign. The support has been overwhelming and the team are looking forward to bringing this Guinness World Record back to Derby.

If you can help with the shortfall of funding, please visit https://uk.gofundme.com/fastest-cycle-across-europe or email leigh@leightimmis.com.

Follow the World Record attempt at www.leightimmis.com

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